Dive team to inspect Kansas water tower

KANSAS – The Kansas Village Board directed Utilities Supervisor Andrew Henn to have the village’s water tower inspected and repaired by a dive team, if the estimate is less than $5,000.

Susan Saxton made the motion that was unanimously approved by the members of the board at the regular meeting held Thursday, July 5. 

Henn explained the Midco Diving Potable Water Services dive team will inspect the nearly 100-year-old tower, clean up debris and make repairs.

The 2017 quote to complete the work was $4,198, and Henn has requested an updated price quote. He noted quotes for remotely operated underwater vehicles are substantially cheaper but the service only provides inspection and does not include cleaning or repairs.                             

“Make arrangements to have the work completed if the bid comes in under $5,000,” Saxton said.

In other utility business, the board authorized Henn to purchase materials needed to replace two water hydrants, one at Third and Buena Vista streets and the other located at Fourth and Buena Vista streets. Henn estimated the finished total cost between $2,500 and $2,800.

“We need to maintain the quality of our water after investing in the repairs to the water treatment facility,” Saxton added.

Henn reported he has purchased and received 12 new updated water meters. Employees will begin installing them in the near future.

Village police chief Jeff Goodwin suggested the village update the peddler ordinance. He provided a copy of Chrisman’s updated ordinance, which increased the daily and monthly fees for peddlers wanting to solicit in the village. The board voted to have the peddler ordinance updated and amended by the village attorney. The proposed changes restrict door-to-door sales between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday at a rate of $100 per day per solicitor.

Goodwin reported the police department officers issued 11 citations, 12 written warnings and 12 verbal warnings. They responded to one criminal complaint and two civil complaints. Currently officers are testing 800 MHz radios from Clear Talk as a possible solution to radio communication issues with the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department. 

“They work extremely good in this area,” said Goodwin, adding if the radios are purchased there may be a small monthly user fee for each radio. The radios cost approximately $700 each he explained and added, “They really are working well for us.”

During the public health and safety report, Henn noted employees fogged for mosquitos Tuesday, July 3. The village needs more of the chemical that targets adult mosquitoes and is the most visible form of mosquito control. The board approved the purchase of a 55-gallon barrel at a price of $2,483. 

“We use about five gallons each application,” Henn said. 

The village employees also apply larvicide in strategic areas to combat the mosquito pest population in the small town.

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