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Marshall excited for long-awaited new pool facilities

MARSHALL — In less then a year, Marshall will be home to a new public pool and swimming facility  the community hopes will be there for the long run. 

The $3.5 million facility will replace the previous one that served the town for more than 60 years. 

After the groundbreaking ceremony in early March of this year, construction began and is now on track to end by early winter. Finishing touches throughout the remainder of the winter and spring will allow for its opening in May 2019. 

“This pool will be so big for the people here in Marshall and the surrounding areas,” said Sara Tarble, acting chairman of the Marshall Community Pool Fund. “This will provide an area that is safe and affordable for families and allow children space to exercise and enjoy their summers.” 

Besides a swimming pool, the facility will also offer a climbing wall, a splash pool, diving boards and a water slide for older children and one for toddlers. 

“It has hurt not having the pool this summer, but the anticipation for the new one will be worth the wait,” said Marshall resident and soon-to-be grandmother Julia Davidson “My family has always gone to the pool and when the new one opens we will be there all the time too.” 

The pool will play host to not only families but also different groups throughout the area. Come next summer, the Marshall Aquatic Club will also call the facility their home. 

The city of Marshall invested $2.25 million for the project, with the Marshall Community Pool Fund in charge of finding the rest of the money. Through multiple donations and fund-raising events, such as their car raffle, the fund will be able to present their promised $1,000,000 to the city. 

“I can not even begin to explain how generous this city, and the surrounding areas have been,” Tarble said “Whatever event we have planned or idea that we have asked of, everyone has exceeded what I could have possibly imagined and that is so incredible.” 

Other members of the Marshall Community Pool Fund that have played a vital role in the advancement of the pool have been Emily Akers, Mike Craig, Maggie Patrick, Tim Sanders, Misty Weiland and Amy Yargus.

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