Hefner report needed

Neither the defendant nor an updated report on his mental health counseling were available for the Monday, July 30, criminal and traffic call in Edgar County Circuit Court.

Judge David W. Lewis noted the July 30 session was the 90-day review set by the court at the May 14 hearing when Hefner was found unfit to stand trial and custody of the defendant was transferred to the Illinois Department of Human Services for additional evaluation and treatment.

“I believe he is in treatment,” said Lewis. “The court has not received a progress report since June 12.”

Public defender William McGrath agreed the June 12 report was the last update provided by IDHS. He noted that document suggested a five-month in-patient treatment plan was needed. 

The defense asked for another 90-day review period. Lewis set the next hearing for Oct 22.

“In the meantime if we get a report and need another date, we can do that,” said Lewis.

Hefner was arrested Feb. 17 after he entered the Edgar County Jail, dressed in two-types of body armor, carrying a pistol in a holster on one of the vests and wearing a partially obscured badge. He identified himself as a federal agent and requested assistance from the deputies on duty in making several local arrests. Some of the people Hefner planned to arrest included elected city and county officials.

Deputies Matt Smith and Dee Burgin invited Hefner inside the jail to discuss the arrests. Once inside the secure portion of the building and unable to flee, Hefner was arrested.

Hefner’s pistol turned out to be a BB gun, but a search of his car revealed an AR-15 equipped with a bump stock, a quick release lever for the magazine, a fully loaded 100-round drum magazine and other high-capacity magazines. A second badge was also found in the car.

Both badges are the type available for purchase on line for use by private security guards. Neither badge was an authentic federal issue.

While being held in the Edgar County Jail, Hefner filed multiple motions with the court seeking his release and the return of his property. He continued insisting he was an authorized federal agent and his arrest was interfering with a federal investigation.

Hefner argued in one motion he is not responsible for other people’s lack of understanding of how the federal government operates. 

He provided a website claiming it is the source of his work assignments from the Department of Defense and served as proof regarding the truth of his statements. 

The website is not a defense department creation but rather a clearinghouse where all federal agencies post information for contractors seeking to bid on government jobs.

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