Kansas water softener control issues remedied

KANSAS – Water plant supervisor Andrew Henn was pleased to announce the water softener controls at the village’s water treatment facility are working properly. He made the announcement during the Kansas Village Board meeting Wednesday March 7.

“The softener is finally at 100 percent. Tonka reprogrammed it. Then, it took two more adjustments and the control system has been running fine ever since,” Henn said, adding the total cost was no more than initially quoted.

The project started just over a year ago in January 2017 when Henn told board members the water filters were not working properly and the outdated control system needed attention. Tonka Water built parts for the controller, which was obsolete, and reprogrammed the controlled to function with the village’s existing equipment.

Henn also noted the water tower needs inspected within the year. The last inspection was completed in December 2014 when a diver examined the inside of the tower and removed sediment. He said inspections should be completed every three to five years.

An option exists to use a remote operated vehicle instead of a diver. The board asked Henn to obtain estimates for both a live diver and a ROV.

“We don’t have to use a live diver every inspection, but I would prefer to use one every other inspection because the diver can clean out the sediments and fix different problems such as in 2014 when a spot of epoxy needed repaired,” explained Henn.

In routine business, the board unanimously approved the motor fuel tax budget prepared by the Edgar County Highway Department. Henn reported it was slightly higher than the previous year.

He said, “Some rates went down while others increased but the overall budget is only a little higher than last year.” He anticipates fixing approximately the same number of streets again this year.

Police Chief Jeff Goodwin said the village’s Ford police interceptor vehicle was repaired after a juvenile kicked and damaged the inside of the squad vehicle while being transported. In response to the costly damage, Goodwin ordered two window kick bars at approximately $200 each to prevent such further damage.

He also reported assisting several law enforcement agencies with burglary and other investigation calls outside the village jurisdiction. The board gave Goodwin permission to update the mutual aid agreements with surrounding law enforcement entities.

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