Resident sues city, police department

Paris resident Charles Anthony “Tony” Holt has filed a civil suit in federal court against the city of Paris and police officers Jesse Lewsader, Rich Wilson and Ryan Washburn.

Holt’s attorney Jude Redwood claims the three officers violated her client’s rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 

According to documents Redwood filed with the U.S. District Court at Urbana, Holt and his paramour had a verbal altercation June 22, 2017. She drove to the police department and reported the argument that included Holt ordering her to leave the house. She additionally told police Holt, whose license is revoked, followed her in a pickup truck continuing the argument.

The defense document confirms Holt’s license is revoked and admits he drove to the Paris Police Station, where he communicated with the woman and drove back to his home.

When the three officers later went to Holt’s residence he refused them entry without a warrant. The allegation asserts an officer broke through the door causing physical damage and in the confrontation that followed excessive force, including multiple discharges of a Taser, was used to place Holt under arrest.

Redwood included the City of Paris as a co-defendant claiming the city has failed to create policies that prevent officers from acting in a reckless manner and violating civil rights.

The suit is asking for compensatory damages, costs of the suit, attorney fees and punitive damages such as a jury believes sufficient to punish the officers and deter future police misconduct.


The Prairie Press

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