Village board talks Christmas

BROCTON – The Brocton village board is getting into Christmas decorating mode.

Village president Dennis Cary said the large decorated tree and inflatable decorations the village used last year for the first time were positively received and he suggested building on that success. He asked the trustees to consider buying 10 trees with resident volunteers assuming responsibility for doing the decorating.

“I think we should start out with 10 trees,” said Cary. “If they go quick, we can get 10 more.”

The idea hit a snag when trustee Debbie Porter provided a cost estimate. She previously discussed the plan with an area tree vendor who indicated the smallest trees he can provide are seven-feet tall at a cost of $35 per tree, delivered and set up ready for decorating. The other trustees said that was too much to pay per tree.

A final plan calls for purchasing another large tree and using decorations acquired last year. Local businesswoman Robin Wahl volunteered to create an illuminated display nearby as did Porter for her business.

Instead of decorating several small trees, it was decided to illuminate the village’s 110-foot-tall water tower with strands of LED lights.

“About 10 strings would do a lot up there,” said Cary, adding such lighting should be visible for several miles.

The board approved a $500 expenditure for setting a pole and getting power to the empty lot on Third Street for the tree and other lighted displays. A maximum of $1,000 was authorized for purchasing new strings of lights to use on the water tower and other decorations.

The money was taken from the farm fund, which is generated by the rental of farm ground left to the village by the late Otho Henn. No tax revenues are expended on the project.

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