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Why do astronomers look for signs of life on other planets based on what life is like on Earth?

Why do astronomers look for signs of life on other planets based on how life is on Earth? Couldn’t there be totally different kinds of life on other planets?
Why do feet stink by the end of the day?

When I was a kid, our family would end the day by relaxing in front of the TV after dinner. Everyone would have a seat, take off their shoes and put up their feet. Before long, a strange and unsavory aroma invaded our noses. Sometimes our feet smelled so bad that my dad would joke, “Who cut the cheese?”

Why do people hate people? Have you ever said “I hate you” to someone? What about using the “h-word” in casual conversation, like “I hate broccoli”? What are you really feeling when you say that you hate something or someone? Curious Kids is a series for …
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How To Teach Your Children To Be Household Helpers

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