DG Market soft launches new location in Paris, generates excitement.


For residents living on the northern edge of Paris, shopping for groceries just became a whole lot easier. The cross-town crawl down High Street or Central Avenue to get to a grocery store is now a thing of the past with the arrival of DG Market on the corner of US Highway 150 and Steidl Road.

DG Market, a variant of Dollar General, is a traditional grocery store offering a wide selection of fresh produce and food products. Construction on the new location began earlier this year. 

As of Sunday, Dec. 17 at 5 p.m., DG Market is open for business, albeit without the service of the coolers and freezers that will eventually house the store’s produce. Currently, staff are relying on a generator for lighting and other electronics until further notice. 

“We’re waiting on them (electrical provider) to come and hook us up to the electricity,” said DG Market general manager Susan VanGilder. “Otherwise, we’re fully stocked, other than our coolers.”

Even with limitations on electricity, DG Market’s inventory is impressive. Upon stepping into the store, customers are greeted with sections dedicated to interior decorating, kitchen supplies, snacks, toys and most things in between.

“We offer a lot more product as far as variety,” VanGilden explained.

DG Market’s expansive selection and incoming produce is a welcome addition to the Twin Lakes area – a market that has suffered from a lack of grocery options. VanGilden and the rest of the DG Market staff have already noticed excitement among shoppers since their soft launch on Sunday.

“I didn’t realize there is not much down this way,” VanGilden remarked.

As if on cue, one shopper checked out a basket of items and voiced her opinion of the new location.

“I’m very excited for it,” she smiled.

Buzz and excitement are not the only things DG Market is generating within the community – it could soon start generating jobs. 

“We’re always hiring. You never know,” said VanGilden of potential employment opportunities.

While the store has yet to debut its refrigerated and frozen products, the staff is excited to provide a new option for grocery shoppers within the community. VanGilden hopes the community will bear with the staff as they wait for power.

“Please be patient with us,” she said. “We are excited to get our cooler stuff in.”

To check out what DG Market has to offer, stop by their newly opened location at ​​1117 N Main Street in Paris.

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